Everyday that we create articles, posts, and print related materials, we are constantly accessing our files for suitable images. Generally we are only a click or two away from something suitable in our cloud storage. If not or if we require really highend media, we have our affiliation with Adobe’s Fotolia and others that provide us and our clients with high quality images for printing, wall decor and websites.

1. Adobe Fotolia Stock photos, illustrations, vectors and videos – Awesome images and awesome prices.



So you would like to use some of your own illustrations, paintings or photographs? We are fortunate to have affiliations that allow us to take you image and poduce everything from business cards to a giant wall canvas for your office.



In addition our own files have over 50 years worth of vintage illustrations, drawings, photographs and paintings. We would like to share these files and have been working on creating a subscription system that will allow you access to key folders in our resource library. These collections are constantly changing as we add new materials. Since they contain articles and references as well as media, they can provide your research AND writing needs. The resolution of images may vary, but most, if not all, are suitable for the internet. Generally these are vintage media. Recent scans are high resolution. Formats are jpeg, png, psd, tif, with some pict.

Here is an example of a file from our “Fundy Resource Library”.

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