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Passamaquoddy Bay is known to have the highest biodiversity along the Northeast Atlantic coast. Does it need protection from continued attempts to turn it into an industrial port?

Marine Protected Areas (MPA) are created to protect special areas in our oceans around the world. The Passamaquoddy Bay Area or Quoddy Region is located at the northern reaches of the Gulf of Maine and is shared by the USA and Canada and is it one of those places that needs protection. It is time to work together to protect this special place for future generations.

For decades, large polluting industries have been trying to turn Quoddy into a huge industrial port. So far their efforts have been largely unsuccessful. But these efforts continue and the industrial growth that has occurred has had clear and measurable environmental and economic impacts and the degradation continues.

In recent times, dozens of individuals and groups have attempted, largely unsuccessfully, to have the Quoddy Area protected in some way. Unfortunately, these efforts to protect the area have encountered serious local opposition based on a fear that “traditional” fishing will be impacted. Yet this is happening already because there is no protection at all and landings have continued to drop with huge losses of revenue. Pollution from industry, coastal sewage and aquaculture coupled with large-scale corporate fishing continues unabated and the impacts will continue unless the area has protection of some sort.

Fortunately, the new Government of Canada recently announced interest in exploring Quoddy as a Marine Protected Area (MPA). Join the movement and help us put in place measures that will protect the Quoddy Region for future generations while ensuring protection for existing traditional businesses and lifestyles.

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