LNG & MPAs – Are both governed by First Nations treaty rights in the Quoddy Region of the Bay of Fundy?

Proposals for the construction of LNG terminals have been ongoing for decades in spite of the lack of approval from the Canadian government and the stringent conditions imposed by the US Coast Guard relative to required permissions. Robert Godfrey’s presentation to FERC, made today, emphasizes the rights attributed to local native treaties which clearly trump the rights of the corporation Downeast LNG.

This introduces an interesting question as the Government of Canada moves towards establishing Marine Protected Areas in the Bay of Fundy. The Quoddy Region was mentioned as an area of particular interest for consideration. This can provide a wonderful opportunity for co-operation in the development of long-term plans for protection and fair use of resources. Alternately it could kick off little needed conflict.

Copied to: Hunter Tootoo <Hunter.Tootoo@parl.gc.ca>

Alternate version to download: https://www.scribd.com/doc/296893915/Native-Treaty-Rights-in-Quoddy-Waters

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