HIGHWAY TOLLS: New Brunswick’s proposals will hold all of the Atlantic Provinces hostage. Or will it?

Well, instead of backing off on loans and cash incentives to giant businesses who can well afford to pay, collecting appropriate taxes from them and eliminating offshore tax shelters, among other things, New Brunswick is proposing road tolls as a way to raise cash. Everyone in Atlantic Canada should be concerned. Or should they? Perhaps opportunity knocks for our neighbours to the north.


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Always known as the “drive through province”, New Brunswick is becoming the “why go there province”. Unfortunately for businesses from Labrador, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, and PEI, there is no other way to get to the vital US market to the south.

No wait!!! There is! And Nova Scotia will be so pleased !

With enough traffic bypassing New Brunswick and heading south via the ferry out of Yarmouth, they can totally bypass good old New Brunswick. No bother for New Brunswick. Since they built the new highways that bypass everything anyway, there is, or soon will be, nothing here to see but a huge tree farm.

Hmm … good idea! Maybe they will bypass NB with the power from their developing tidal energy developments and Muskrat Falls with a line straight to Maine!! Think about that!

New Brunswick is not building, it’s dismantling itself. Take away the essentials and nobody will come.

My thought this morning, Art MacKay

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