LNG: Is Downeast LNG hedging its bets in Passamaquoddy Bay?


 Is this an indication that Dean Girdis is preparing for Downeast LNG’s failure, setting himself up with a new developer’s job in Nova Scotia?

Note that Girdis claims he would obtain natural gas from Canada, not the United States.

Bob Godfrey, Researcher, Save Passamaquoddy Bay


Two new small-scale LNG facilities planned for Nova Scotia: developer

(Apr 24) — Platts

Halifax-based Nova Scotia LNG is planning to build two small LNG facilities in the Atlantic Canadian province with a total capacity of 180,000-260,000 mt/year, its director Dean Girdis said Friday.

A 30,000-60,000 mt/year plant and another 150,000-200,000 mt/year project will be constructed, with the former targeting bunkering demand along the US and Canadian East Coast and the latter facility being more focused on diesel displacement markets in the Caribbean, he said in an email.

Nova Scotia LNG is developing the facilities under a partnership with Nitrogas, a specialized LNG/LPG broker with maritime expertise, Girdis said, noting it will develop a tolling facility with gas liquefaction charges of $3.50/MMBtu to $5/MMBtu. 

Nova Scotia LNG has optioned a site from the provincial government, he said, that was once identified by ExxonMobil (then Mobil Oil) for its own planned LNG export facility.

The company will utilize LNG carriers with a capacity of 10,000 cu m to 25,000 cu m to send cargoes to the Caribbean, while for bunkering “we would have the ability to dock ships directly at our berth for refueling.”

Prime reasons for Nova Scotia LNG deciding to build its facility in the province, rather than the US East Coast, include ease of permitting, access to offshore gas in Atlantic Canada and support from stakeholders, he said.

The two projects will need a total of 24 MMcf/d of feedstock gas, to be sourced from offshore Nova Scotia, which has an output of 250 MMcf/d, he said.

“If required, we [also] have access to the Maritimes pipeline from where we could source Canadian gas from Quebec,” Girdis said.


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