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Absolutely Maritimes
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Halifax, N.S.  – July 24, 2014  It was one man’s decision, a reckless choice that cost two people their lives and left many others reeling in its wake. On October 25, 2012, Captain Robin Walbridge ordered the tall ship Bounty to set sail into the path of one of the largest and most destructive hurricanes in U.S. history. Four days later, the iconic three-masted tall ship, Walbridge himself, and one of the crew were lost forever to the Atlantic Ocean.

Bounty, a replica of the famous 18th century British Navy vessel HMS Bounty, was launched in 1960 in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. The 180ft long square rigged tall ship was custom-built for the Hollywood movie The Mutiny On The Bounty starring Marlon Brando. In keeping with historical fact, the replica Bounty was supposed to have been destroyed by fire in the movie’s final scenes. Brando stepped in, and threatened to quit the film if the ship was not preserved. The studio relented, and so began the 50-year saga of an ageing, leaking wooden ship, both world-famous and yet always starved for money.

While Bounty survived over 50 years as a tourist attraction, its fate was sealed when Captain Walbridge made the astonishing decision to leave port and sail directly towards Superstorm Sandy. An official report by the United States Coast Guard – released last month – concluded that Bounty was lost due to a combination of “faulty management and crew risk assessment procedures”.

Bounty: Into The Hurricane is a one-hour documentary that takes the viewer on a vivid journey from the ship’s beginnings through to the vessel’s dramatic final voyage. The film combines unique footage shot on-board the Bounty and previously unreleased U.S. Coast Guard footage of the rescue. It also includes exclusive, first-hand accounts from rescuers and survivors, as well as rare interview segments with Walbridge himself. Respected tall ship Master Captain Jan C. Miles (The Pride of Baltimore II), describes the impact this tragedy has had not only for those aboard and their families, but for the professional sailing community as a whole.

Bounty: Into The Hurricane was written and directed by award-winning Halifax documentary-maker Geoff D’Eon, best known for his work on This Hour Has 22 Minutes and CBC Television’s Doc Zone. The film is produced by Edward Peill from Halifax-based Tell Tale Productions Inc.

“This is an extraordinary story,” says D’Eon. “It has everything: history, intrigue, twists of fate, hubris and heroism. The circumstances under which Bounty was lost are mind-boggling. To deliberately sail as she did into a hurricane is so risky, so bizarre – it’s virtually inexplicable. And two people paid with their lives.”

Bounty: Into The Hurricane will have its world broadcast premiere on CBC Television’s Absolutely Maritimes on Saturday, August 2, 2014 at 8 PM ADT.

Bounty: Into The Hurricane was produced in association with CBC TV with funding from Film and Creative Industries Nova Scotia, and Provincial and Federal tax credits.

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