BAY OF FUNDY EDUCATION – Outdoor Youth Activities Coming Right Up! Get in Touch Now.

Please consider this letter an invitation to participate in an exciting  series of outdoor-based, science-oriented workshops. Local groups  including Quoddy Futures Foundation (formerly known as the St Croix  Estuary Project Inc), Eastern Charlotte Waterways, School District 10  and many individuals have been getting together over the last few months  to determine a way to help youth get engaged in science and to learn  about the ecosystem in which they live.

This initiative aims to provide mentoring relationships for the youth,  and that’s where you come in!

Research indicates that mentoring relationships improve youth motivation  and academics. In our case, you, the mentors will attempt to bring in  the “outside world”, sharing your world view with the students, and  establishing relevant purposes for science.

In 2005 a survey regarding our Charlotte County youth’s developmental  assets was completed. Only 7% of our youth had what is considered to be  a healthy level of developmental assets. The analysis showed our youth receive too little support through positive intergenerational  relationships, lack opportunity and practice for leadership and they  feel disconnected from community. With folks such as yourself joining us  on these planned expeditions the youth will have access to people who  have lived or worked in the many special places around the Quoddy
Region. With your help, we aim to provide youth with many undiscovered  curriculum and life-skills related learning opportunities regarding  nature.

Due to the hands-on format of this project, learners will have  the opportunity to appreciate & engage in the world of nature. We have 4 of the 12-16 activities planned and ready for you to sign up. These include;

Date – September 21st
Orientation – Quoddy Learning Centre
Students and partners will meet at the Quoddy Learning Centre at the  Ganong Nature and Marine Park at Todds Point just outside of St Stephen.  We will spend the day together at the Park, starting to build  relationships within the group as well as discovering the reasons this  project has been implemented. We will be introduced to, and begin to  develop our skill sets with tools such as GPS units and cameras that  will be in use for data collection throughout the year-long program. We  will spend time learning about various local ecosystems by discovering
them first hand during a geocaching activity as well as through a  discussion regarding the St Croix River Ecosystem in preparation for the  St Croix River outing.

9:30 am Meet and greet activities, introduction to project
10:00am introduction to photography, introduction to GPS, Geocaching
Noon lunch
1:00pm Finish up Geocaching exercise
1:30pm Guest Speaker regarding the St Croix River Ecosystem
2:30pm Leave site, return to schools

September 28, 2009
Canoeing – St. Croix River
Students and partners will canoe the St. Croix River form Beaconsfield,  New Brunswick to Loon Bay, New Brunswick. Along the way they will  explore, photograph and mark points of interest using GPS. Students will  participate in collecting water samples, checking for temperature and
learn about the water quality grading system. We will investigate bank  restoration projects and methods used to limit erosion. Conservation  issues, stewardship and recreational management issues will be discussed  while participating in campsite clean ups. Over the day we will explore
a number of small ecosystems and enjoy the river canoeing experience 9:30am Arrive at Beaconsfield, pack canoes and brief the group about the  day
· Depart for the day adventure.
· Follow the provided maps and mandatory stops.
· Complete morning activities, observations, photography, GPS
coordinates and water sampling
11:30am Stop for lunch, continue with morning activities, campsite clean up
3:00pm Arrive at Loon Bay, Pack canoes on the trailer, load buses and
return to schools

***Sometime on or about Oct 5th-9th we will be taking in a whale  watching expedition as part of this program.

October 26, 2009
Beach Exploration – Green’s Point
Students and partners will participate in intertidal sampling and beach  seining at Green’s Point. They will practice quadrant sampling methods  in the high to mid intertidal zone, while exploring the beach and  photographing species of interest. We will beach seine in the mid to low
intertidal zone, and participate in collecting water samples, checking  temperature, dissolved oxygen and salinity in the seining area as well  as the substrate of the sample area
9:30am Arrive at Green’s Point, gather gear for seining and quadrant
sampling, brief group about the day, go over sampling methods and common
species, start beach seining and quadrant sampling
11:30am Stop for lunch, finish beach seining and quadrant sampling
2:30pm Put gear away and clean up area, load buses and return to schools

Please spread the word and have anyone interested in coming contact me  through email or phone at 467 9905. If anyone is interested in or has  specific knowledge or talent regarding any one specific topic, please  let me know that too, for instance photography or canoeing.

Thanks, Kim Reeder

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