It seems like a long, long time ago now. But I once operated a biological research station on Deer Island, a little island at the mouth of the Bay of Fundy, right on the border between Maine, USA, and … Continue reading

Whales On The Wall – Display Your Best Images

Show your best images on your office wall, send a special gift, make a unique presentation. Send a high quality image and a rough size and we will get back to you with your best choices, delivery and costs. We … Continue reading


THE VISUALS THE STORY CONCERNS: The health of the oceans depends on a complex food web which ultimate depends on the sun providing energy for photosynthesis by tiny plants called phytoplankton which, in turn, serve as food for equally tiny … Continue reading

INDUSTRY: Ship Traffic Densities for Fundy, Gulf of Maine & Scotia Shelf – 2013

This interesting chart from marinetraffic.com show the densities of ships travelling in the area for the year 2013. Traffic going to Saint John, NB, goes through vital North Atlantic Right Whale summer territory and a key marine nursery area for other … Continue reading

WHALE ART: Like to see some great whale art? Check out Etsy!

Popular items for whale art See all   Whale painting, watercolor whale art, ocean life, sperm whale, beach theme, blue, sea – 10X8 print… $22.46 CADThimbleSparrow   Blue Whales Flying Kites – Blue Whale Art – Giclee Print – Whale Watercolor – … Continue reading

Digby Nova Scotia tidal energy company working on apps, training observers to track whales

Jonathan Riley, Published on June 02, 2014 Fundy Tidal wants to know where the whales are – and more importantly, they want to know how to detect where the whales, and other marine life, are. The local company, with tidal electricity … Continue reading