Split Rock – The Spirit of Quoddy

They will forget their old laws; they will barter their country for baubels. Then will disease eat the life from their blood. (Hanisse’ono, The Evil One, from Iroquois legend) Passamaquoddy Bay, Split Rock emerges from the beach a short walk … Continue reading


Meet Ato-sis the Wabanaki water serpent.


Kci-Athusoss (also spelled Kitchi-at’Husis, Kici Atthusus, or other ways): An underwater horned serpent, common to the legends of most Algonquian tribes. It is said to lurk in lakes and eat humans. Its Passamaquoddy name literally means Great Serpent and is pronounced kih-chee ott-hoo-suss

Editor’s Note: This image is based on a drawing by Norval Moriseau.