VIKINGS: Evidence of Viking Outpost Found in Canada – Will Fundy be next?

Many researchers believe the Vikings traveled into the richness to the south where Passamaquoddy legends have remarkable similarity to Norse legends and scattered finds continue to suggest they visited the Bay of Fundy area. **************************************** Heather Pringle for National Geographic News, Published … Continue reading

MYSTERIES: Does map prove the Vikings travelled to the Bay of Fundy?

Did the Vikings come south to Atlantic Canada and Maine? the Skalholt map seems to suggest this. What do you think? … Continue reading

Native American Woman May Have Made It to Europe 500 Years Before Columbus Was Born

 Five hundred years before Columbus sailed the ocean blue, a Native American woman may have voyaged to Europe with Vikings, according to a provocative new DNA study. The first Native American to arrive in Europe may have been a woman brought … Continue reading