TIDES: Time lapse of 45.6 foot tide at Hopewell Rocks

This is a time lapse video created to show an entire day at the Hopewell Rocks.  The camera captured one photo every minute for 16 hours.  The photos were then put into a stop-motion video program to create this video. … Continue reading

TIDES: Arrival times for the Petitcodiac River tidal bore … handy!

Moncton (Station #175) 7 days Tidal Bores Prediction Reference : Chart Datum Arrival Times of Tidal Bores Date Time ( AST )  2012-02-16 04:30    17:10  2012-02-17 05:40    18:15  2012-02-18 06:45    19:20  2012-02-19 07:45    20:15  2012-02-20 08:35    21:05  2012-02-21 … Continue reading

ENERGY: Fundy is all about the tides.

  As these NASA satellite photos of Minas Basin show, massive volumes of water fill and drain the Bay of Fundy twice a day … a spectacular and unique phenomenon that makes the Bay of Fundy special. … Continue reading