ISSUE: NB Government breaks trust with its citizens – Exclusive docs show water flip by NB government, leading up to Energy East

THE STORY Many years ago when we established out first aquaculture site on Deer Island, we were informed by representatives from both the Province of NB and the Federal Government of Canada that we required leases to the bottom where … Continue reading

POINT LEPREAU NUCLEAR: If you are living on the coast of Fundy in NB, NS or Maine it’s time to put this in perspective.

These Google map images show your proximity to Point Lepreau. If you are following the disaster in Fukushima, Point Lepreau’s operational ups-and-downs, and the failure of nuclear plants around the globe, you will know that the odds of a major … Continue reading

ISSUES: History shows we won’t stop Superport Fundy. So can we change history?

Once more, announcements are being made about the new oil pipelines, oil and gas infrastructure in Saint John, and the increased traffic and risks to the Bay of Fundy. Predictably, the environmentalists have begun their efforts to oppose these developments. But, frankly, … Continue reading

EXPLORE: Carleton Martello Tower, Saint John, NB.

ACCESS: The museum and display building are easily accessed from the parking lot. The site is open to the public during posted hours. FEES: There are modest entry fees. Built during the War of 1812 when invasion by the Americans was a … Continue reading

ISSUES: By allowing forest spraying, does Canada breach its legal obligations under the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS)?

  It’s been a few years but while researching the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea in relation to several proposed LNG terminals in the Quoddy Region of the Bay of Fundy, I had shown, I think, … Continue reading


For 15,000 years there has been change in the Bay of Fundy … starting with glaciation, the great migration, the European invasion, the border disputes and wars, the exploitation, the people and their eco-industries and Canadians and Americans clashing over lobster … Continue reading

OIL: Introducing the Bay of Fundy “Gatekeeper”

Energy East pipeline gatekeeper Irving Oil Ltd has logged 19 ‘environmental emergencies’ since 2012, documents show Posted On April 22nd By :EnergyNow Media A company pivotal to Canada’s most ambitious oil pipeline project has a mixed environmental record of spills … Continue reading

LNG transportation by rail?

Some concerns have been expressed online about rail transport of LNG. The safety ramifications go well beyond oil transport. If you are interested, you can find useful info on LNG here: … Continue reading

EXPLORE: Jervis Bay – Ross Memorial Park, Saint John, NB.

I’ve driven by this attractive little Saint John, NB park on my way to the airport or McAllister Place mall or to visit friends in the area, but I never stopped in to check it out. Well, last week I … Continue reading

EXPLORE: The Cherrybrook Zoo in Saint John

  I try to have an annual visit to the Cherry Brook Zoo. So far this year, I haven’t made it, but I have some great pics from past visits for you to enjoy. Like many people, I have mixed … Continue reading

STREET ART: A small collection from Saint John NB

From the colourful wood carvings of John Hooper to the delightful pole art of Main Street West, Saint John offers many delights for the street art explorer. This collection is a small sampling for you to enjoy.   Related articles … Continue reading

EXPLORE: Wolastoq Park, Saint John, NB

ATTRACTION: Wolastoq Park LOCATION: Lancaster Avenue, Saint John, NB FEATURES: Splendid view of the Saint John River and Saint John Harbour, carvings of local historic figures, picnic benches and parking. CARE RATING: This Park is well cared for and groomed. … Continue reading