POINT LEPREAU NUCLEAR: If you are living on the coast of Fundy in NB, NS or Maine it’s time to put this in perspective.

These Google map images show your proximity to Point Lepreau. If you are following the disaster in Fukushima, Point Lepreau’s operational ups-and-downs, and the failure of nuclear plants around the globe, you will know that the odds of a major … Continue reading

STORMS: What if Hurricane Patricia Struck the Fundy Area?

Brothers George and Peter McVicker who died in the Saxby Gale on October 4th, 1896 It was 146 years ago on October 5th that the Saxby Gale devastated the coast of the Bay of Fundy creating memories that have lasted … Continue reading

RADIATION FOR DINNER? Tritium Bioaccumulates in Blue Mussels – But what about scallops, clams and quahogs?

Although tritium has been continuously released into the Bay of Fundy for years, we have been told repeatedly that it is within the accepted limits and that it is not a hazard to humans since skin penetration does not occur. The … Continue reading

NUCLEAR: Americans are becoming serious about nuclear waste. What about the Lepreau stockpile?

The Waste of Nuclear Power Conservation Law Foundation Posted: 10 Aug 2012 12:09 PM PDT A recent decision from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) offers hope that the nuclear industry’s free ride is coming to an end. The problem of what to … Continue reading

ENERGY: 300 litres of heavy water spilled at Point Lepreau Nuclear

300 litres of heavy water spilled at Point Lepreau CBC News Posted: May 24, 2012 9:41 AM AT , Last Updated: May 24, 2012 10:58 AM AT NB Power says there has been another heavy water spill in the reactor building at the … Continue reading

VISITORS: Great Heron and Cattle Egret

    Just in from Nature New Brunswick. These are magnificent birds. If you have a chance to see them take it. Remember you binoculars! On my way back from Point Lepreau this morning (1 May, about 11 AM) , … Continue reading

NUCLEAR: Point Lepreau nuclear plant gets 5-year licence

Inadequate firefighting skills, inadequate earthquake risk assessment, no long-term waste disposal plan, “unsettling” leaks. This opening may be the news of the decade for the Bay of Fundy. ************************** New Brunswick facility must improve firefighting, conduct earthquake risk assessments CBC … Continue reading