POLITICS: John Williamson claims Biological Station cuts will not affect research … Ashfield and Williamson parrot party stance.

Originally published May 22, 2012 The Conservative Government announced more layoffs this week at the St. Andrews Biological Station where 16 scientists and librarians are being relieved of their jobs. Local MP John Williamson, as expected, is parroting the government’s … Continue reading

POLITICS: New EI Rules expected to impact farmers and fishermen.

May 25, 2012 – 4:11am BY SELENA ROSS David Tupper, the co-owner of Dasygale Farm and Vineyard in Middleton, agrees with Human Resources Minister Diane Finley on some things. It would be nice to see Nova Scotians dropping off their resumes … Continue reading

POLITICS: ACOA Dumps Regional Economic Development Agencies – Time for the 99% to “go it alone”? PART 1

No surprise really, but I was still startled somewhat to see the article online at CBC.ca that ACOA is dumping all of the regional economic development organizations or REDOs as they seem to like calling them. That’s all of them! … Continue reading