OIL: When there is an oil spill in the Bay of Fundy … you can expect this.

Five Years After The BP Oil Spill, Gulf Coast Residents Say “BP Hasn’t Made Things Right” By Julie Dermansky • Tuesday, April 21, 2015 – 21:31 If you ask Dean Blanchard, the largest shrimp buyer and wholesaler in the region … Continue reading

OIL SPILLS: Rumour on the street is Corexit is being stockpiled in Saint John.

While the rest of the world seems, after the Gulf spill, to be getting the idea about dispersants, there is a persistent rumour that Corexit is being stockpiled in Saint John, New Brunswick in case of a Bay of Fundy … Continue reading

ENERGY: Mainers Worry about Big Oil and Old Pipes.

Photo from Facebook post.  This is what a burst pipeline looks like. Enbridge‘s in Michigan. This hole spilled 4 million litres of oil into the Kalamzoo river. Mainers are concerned that this might happen in Maine as Enbridge moves to bring … Continue reading