OPINION: Fishing for Solutions to the Climate Crisis – Lois Mitchell

By Lois Mitchell on November 16th, 2016 From the Catalyst, Winter 2016 I live in the small fishing community of Deer Island, New Brunswick. My husband, son, and son-in-law are commercial fishermen. (As was my father-in-law and his father before him and his father … Continue reading

ISSUES: Heritage Demolition & the Betrayal of the Citizens of Charlotte County, NB

Heritage Demolition & the Betrayal of Community Reposted and begging the author’s forgiveness!! Hendrik Slegtenhorst / 8 August 2014 Heritage History of the Old Town Hall, St. Stephen, New Brunswick The St. Stephen Post Office, which was used as Town … Continue reading

POLLUTION: It’s been 8 years and St. Stephen is still polluting the St. Croix River -Time for action has passed.

The St. Croix Estuary Project, an Atlantic Coastal Action Program organization, first identified dangerous levels of pollution in 2004 and each succeeding year tracked the improvements, if any, at a set of established sites from St. Stephen to St. Andrews. … Continue reading

EXPLORE: The Cherrybrook Zoo in Saint John

  I try to have an annual visit to the Cherry Brook Zoo. So far this year, I haven’t made it, but I have some great pics from past visits for you to enjoy. Like many people, I have mixed … Continue reading