SATIRE: Magnetic Hill demagnetized, tourism to suffer

It’s the “polar shift” … it has to be. What’s happened is the magnetic lines of the magnetic field have shifted somewhere else. In fact, there are rumours of metal objects clinging to the walls of homes in Atholville and … Continue reading

ADVENTURES: Summer Geocaching Fun around the Bay of Fundy

Upcoming Events… 2012 Stormin’ the Beach Geo-Event (GC39ZND) on 22 July 2012 by El Nimrod. 196.24 mi NE. That Freddy B(r)unch – July 2012 (GC3Q03M) on 22 July 2012 by milosheart. 70.64 mi N. Trail Mix: Geocaching 101 (GC3KA7D) on … Continue reading