Marine Protected Areas: Open House – St. George, Wednesday, October 26 (4-7pm) Magaguadavic Place

In our inbox this morning. Please attend if you are concerned about the future of the Quoddy Region. I wanted to let you know of an open house on MPA network planning that DFO is holding in St. George. It’ll take … Continue reading

LNG & MPAs – Are both governed by First Nations treaty rights in the Quoddy Region of the Bay of Fundy?

Proposals for the construction of LNG terminals have been ongoing for decades in spite of the lack of approval from the Canadian government and the stringent conditions imposed by the US Coast Guard relative to required permissions. Robert Godfrey’s presentation … Continue reading

MPA: Antarctic Ocean Alliance Calls for World’s Largest Marine Reserve

Published on Tuesday, February 28, 2012 by Common Dreams “Now is the time to protect this amazing environment” – Common Dreams staff The Antarctic Ocean Alliance, a coalition of groups including Greenpeace, WWF and Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition (ASOC), has called … Continue reading