MYSTERIES: If Champlain’s Anchor was found on Grand Manan, where is it now?

One of our excellent author-historians published a great book many years ago called History of islands & islets in the Bay of Fundy, Charlotte County, New Brunswick, 1876. In it is this intriguing section: Champlain speaks of having anchored at one time … Continue reading

IMAGES: Some old images from Grand Manan Island

Grand Manan is rugged and beautiful and has attracted artists and photographers for many, many years. This is a small collection of old images taken primarily from postcards. … Continue reading

RECIPES: Chances are you have been cooking lobster the wrong way!!!

Here’s what the experts have to say: M. G. FISHERIES LTD., Grand Manan, NB, Canada How to Cook a Lobster Use salt water if possible, if not add lots of salt to your water. You want to steam the lobster … Continue reading

CONTEST: Win a Round of Applause!!!

I just posted a great shot of some white-sided dolphins at West Isles. People get confused about this name. They stand on the wharf in St. Andrews and wonder why these Islands are called “West” Isles when they are to … Continue reading

MPA: Insights, Challenges and Solutions for Ocean Planning … It Ain’t Gonna be Easy!

Posted on February 29, 2016 – 11:58am, by MEAM staff What keeps ocean planners up at night? How are they tackling the challenges they face? In October 2015, ocean planning leaders from around the world met in Rhode Island, US, … Continue reading

UPDATE – MARINE PROTECTED AREAS: Sometimes good news might not be so good after all.

UPDATE: 10/1/16.  It is interesting to see the polarization taking place already online between the local fishing community and those who are concerned about the marine ecosystem in a broader context. This is exactly what happened with the Marine Park proposal … Continue reading

BAY OF FUNDY STUDIES: Resource Surveys from the 1970s are now available online.

    Bay of Fundy Resource Inventory Studies are finally being made available online at:   … Continue reading

WHALES: Killer whale sighting in Bay of Fundy

CBC News Posted: Sep 20, 2012 1:44 PM AT Last Updated: Sep 20, 2012 2:13 PM AT Orca whale sighting off Digby (Tania Taylor-Campbell) A group of sightseers signed on for a whale-watching cruise off Brier Island to perhaps catch … Continue reading

POLITICS: New Brunswick Autocracy Strikes Again – Grand Manan Ferry.

The absence of collaboration with your best customers is the worst level of autocracy there is and the dumbest. First our politicians and crats sell off our resources and assets and then they institute rules that negatively impact the very … Continue reading

EARTHQUAKE: Quake reported in Bay of Fundy – New Brunswick – CBC News

Earthquake reported in Bay of Fundy Last Updated: Tuesday, July 27, 2010 | 5:14 AM AT CBC News Kevin Kelly, a biologist, said he felt the earthquake on Machias Seal Island in the Bay of Fundy. (Jacques Poitras/CBC) A 3.2 … Continue reading

WEATHER: Is this an early spring for the birds?

Well things are happening for sure with various reports from Birding NB and NatureNB identifying early-bird arrivals including: robins, osprey, turkey vultures that maybe never left, a red-winged blackbird near hillsborough, a kingfisher on Grand Manan, an Eastern Towee, singing … Continue reading

BIRDS: Painted Bunting on Grand Manan

This post is from February, 2009. Any strange and beautiful birds being seen this year around the Bay of Fundy? Send your pic and report. ****************** There has been a Painted Bunting on GM (Grand Manan)…am not sure if still … Continue reading