MARSHES: Beauty through the eyes of a Paleontologist

The Salt Marsh is an Ellipsis FIRST POSTED SEPTEMBER 28, 2009, Used by permission © Graham Young, 2009 More here: Every marine shoreline constitutes a transition, a zone of change from dry land where most organisms breathe air, to water where the creatures are incorporated … Continue reading

WHALES: Sperm Whales Sighted in mid Bay of Fundy

Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2012 17:48:52 -0300 From: Laurie Murison to NatureNB Listserv Subject: sperm whales We headed out toward the shipping lanes today instead of down off White Head Island and were treated with two sperm whales, a basking … Continue reading

POLITICS: New Brunswick Autocracy Strikes Again – Grand Manan Ferry.

The absence of collaboration with your best customers is the worst level of autocracy there is and the dumbest. First our politicians and crats sell off our resources and assets and then they institute rules that negatively impact the very … Continue reading

SHORT STORIES: Storm Warning!! Storm Warning!! Storm Warning!!

Guest post from Posted on April 15, 2012 by Art Have I told you about Willis Doughty and his son Everett Doughty from Deer Island? The guys who bought the family carrier, “Lois and Isabel”  later in her life? Well, … Continue reading

HISTORY: Rum Running from the French Islands of St. Pierre and Miquelon

My Island relatives did this. Did yours? One way or the other you won’t want to miss: TV DOCUMENTARY EXPLORES ATLANTIC CANADA’S ROLE IN PROHIBITION Halifax, Nova Scotia – February 7, 2012 – Adventure, danger, fast money. Sounds like the script for … Continue reading

PLACES: Great New Grand Manan Group on Facebook

  Now here’s a great Facebook idea! Photos of houses and buildings on Grand Manan. Before this information is lost, add your photos and help to identify the history of the ones already posted.   Houses and Buildings Of Grand … Continue reading

Sabines Gull reported at Grand Manan and Head Harbour Passage

Brian Dalzell Subject: Re: Sabine’s Gull, Head Harbor Passage An adult Sabine’s Gull was reported to me by Jim Leslie, inn keeper from the Marathon Inn here on Grand Manan. It was feeding with Black-legged Kittiwakes off Swallowtail Light on … Continue reading

West Isles

      West Isles from Letete Passage–one of Fundy’s “Ecological Engines” This aerial by Tim Foulkes shows the multitude of islands and ledges that make up one of the Bay of Fundy’s key “ecological engines”; places where local productivity … Continue reading