ISSUE: Global Warming is NOT Killing Bay of Fundy Herring and Invertebrates

The current herring and invertebrate deaths along the Nova Scotia shore of the Bay of Fundy have folks speculating about cause. One of the persistent claims is that global warming is creating high temperatures in the waters of the Gulf of … Continue reading

SEAWEED: Clear-cutting seaweeds is much like clear-cutting our forests

“If there is no food for fish to eat, there is no food for you to eat.” Ever since massive seaweed harvesting has moved into the Bay of Fundy and Gulf of Maine, ecologists have warned that these habitats are … Continue reading

OPINION: U.S. Senate says climate change is real … but it isn’t our fault

Well now, isn’t that interesting? Seems most of the US Senate believes climate change is real but only about half of them believe humans have anything to do with it. I was fortunate many years ago to work for and under … Continue reading