FOOD: Remembering Fried Dough – An Original Fundy Wonder

THE STORY: You can make it fancy or the way I really like it … plain old fried dough with wild strawberry jam or just slathered with real butter! It seems like yesterday rather than 60 years ago when I, … Continue reading

COMMUNITY: So you want your community to return to sustainable development and growth?

Click to review the publications available at Amazon How to Grow a Local Job-Rich Economy by Wayne Roberts, originally published by At a time when huge debates are raging over all the subsidies required by the 1 per cent of … Continue reading

ECONOMICS: Think Global, Buy Local: A new study looks at the impact of buying local produce on local economies

10 APRIL 2014 Local farmer’s markets are found to have a positive effect on total agricultural sales in some areas of the country. (littleny / )   The motto ‘Think Globally, Act Locally’ has long been a guiding tenet … Continue reading

WHERE TO EAT: Bare Bones Bistro at Parrsboro, NS

Parrsboro: Stunning Tidal Views, Shipbuilding & Bare Bones By Christine on September 6, 2012 Blog By: Gillian MacDonald Described by National Geographic magazine as the prettiest place to watch the Bay of Fundy tides sweep in and out, Parrsboro is one gem of a coastal … Continue reading