Digby Nova Scotia tidal energy company working on apps, training observers to track whales

Jonathan Riley, Published on June 02, 2014 Fundy Tidal wants to know where the whales are – and more importantly, they want to know how to detect where the whales, and other marine life, are. The local company, with tidal electricity … Continue reading

ENERGY: Maine moves forward with renewable options while New Brunswick continues to wallow in the Fundy rad pool.

An Electricity Supply Tutorial And Maine’s New Green Power Option Posted: 07 Dec 2012 10:49 AM PST at Conservation Law Foundation Mainers have recently been seeing and hearing advertisements for alternatives to the standard offer electricity supply that most residential … Continue reading

ENERGY: Power bills driving you NUTS??? You need RETScreen! Really!

We are pleased to inform you that a new energy management learning portal is now available on the RETScreen website. This online resource provides free access to the RETScreen energy management software tool, user manual, presentation slides and case studies. … Continue reading

LNG: Downeast LNG continues FERC application – Canada opposes tankers in Head Harbour Passage.

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ENERGY: Fundy is all about the tides.

  As these NASA satellite photos of Minas Basin show, massive volumes of water fill and drain the Bay of Fundy twice a day … a spectacular and unique phenomenon that makes the Bay of Fundy special. … Continue reading

ENERGY: Bay of Fundy Tidal Energy at Annapolis Royal

Matt Hall  –  3:44 PM (edited)  –  Public Visited Annapolis Royal today, on the other side of Nova Scotia [ http://g.co/maps/jk7uf ]. It sits in the Annapolis Basin, a natural harbour on the south side of the Bay of Fundy. Just outside the town, on a … Continue reading