ENERGY: GO EAST! Forget Keystone XL. Forget Northern Gateway. Forget Line 9. This is the big one!

Go East   By: William M. Glenn SPRING 20142014-05-13 According to documents filed this March with the National Energy Board (NEB), TransCanada’s proposed Energy East Pipeline project will stretch 4,600 kilometres, cross six provinces from Alberta to New Brunswick, cost … Continue reading

ENERGY: More oil shipments to pass through Fundy waters?

For decades, the United States has bemoaned its dependence on oil imports. But now, the world’s biggest oil consumer is looking at seaborne oil exports of its own. Royal Dutch Shell PLC is among the companies that have applied to … Continue reading

ENERGY: So why are we rushing to Hell?

I’m working on a piece about my life journey in Eden and how it is now my belief that we are on a path to creating a total living Hell. In the process of preparing this, I can across a … Continue reading

ENERGY: Mainers Worry about Big Oil and Old Pipes.

Photo from Facebook post.  This is what a burst pipeline looks like. Enbridge‘s in Michigan. This hole spilled 4 million litres of oil into the Kalamzoo river. Mainers are concerned that this might happen in Maine as Enbridge moves to bring … Continue reading