Digby Nova Scotia tidal energy company working on apps, training observers to track whales

Jonathan Riley, Published on June 02, 2014 Fundy Tidal wants to know where the whales are – and more importantly, they want to know how to detect where the whales, and other marine life, are. The local company, with tidal electricity … Continue reading

ENERGY: Can Bay of Fundy Ferries run on tidal power?

Fundy Tidal launches hybrid ferry idea October 16, 2012 – 6:51pm BY JOANN ALBERSTAT BUSINESS REPORTER Service would be created for Digby County route A Nova Scotia tidal energy developer is floating the idea of a hybrid ferry for a Digby … Continue reading

AQUACULTURE: West Coast Activist Trashes East Coast Aquaculture

Fish farms, lobster don’t mix, expert says October 15, 2012 – 4:00am BY BRETT BUNDALE BUSINESS REPORTER Coastline will be an aquaculture dump site, marine biologist warns Alexandra Morton at her research station in Echo Bay, B.C., in 2008. (THE NEW … Continue reading