MYSTERIES: If Champlain’s Anchor was found on Grand Manan, where is it now?

One of our excellent author-historians published a great book many years ago called History of islands & islets in the Bay of Fundy, Charlotte County, New Brunswick, 1876. In it is this intriguing section: Champlain speaks of having anchored at one time … Continue reading

HISTORY: Was Canada’s First settlement on Doshay’s, Dochet’s, Muttineguis, Bone, or St. Croix Island

  Whatever the name, Canada and the United States share this important historic island where the Demont and Champlain attempt at a permanent settlement failed after the ill-fated winter of 1604 Owned by the United States, access to the Island … Continue reading

DISCOVERY: Another mysterious carving from the St. Croix.

Mysterious carving a ‘fascinating relic,’ says auctioneer Published Monday August 1st, 2011 Discovery: Stone carving found on the shores of the St. Croix River resembles French explorer April Cunningham Telegraph-JournalSAINT JOHN – With a thin mustache, long hair and a … Continue reading