The Sad Story of a Fisheries Brought to Collapse and Beyond

By Joseph Gough, History of Commercial Fisheries Fisheries drew the first Europeans to what is now Canada, and still sustain large coastal and inland regions. The industry is defined by cycles of “boom and bust”, with fishermen enjoying periods of … Continue reading

SATIRE: Magnetic Hill demagnetized, tourism to suffer

It’s the “polar shift” … it has to be. What’s happened is the magnetic lines of the magnetic field have shifted somewhere else. In fact, there are rumours of metal objects clinging to the walls of homes in Atholville and … Continue reading

COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT: A model for community owned tidal development in the Bay of Fundy

I have long preached about the importance of communities owning and developing their own resources rather than the constant give-aways. Here is a model from Nova Scotia showing how this can be done today. This is for tidal energy but … Continue reading

LNG: Save Passamaquoddy Bay Organization Indicts FERC Environmental Process and Raises Questions of Credibility

Save Passamaquoddy Bay Organization Indicts FERC Environmental Process Eastport, Maine — On Thursday, Save Passamaquoddy Bay 3-Nation Alliance submitted an exposé and indictment of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) environmental permitting process. Save Passamaquoddy Bay, a grassroots organization based in … Continue reading

LNG: Researcher warns the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission of the United States that they ignore the lessons of history at their own peril.

In a formal letter and submission, Bob Godfrey, Researcher and webmaster for warned Kimberly D. Bose, Secretary of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, that ignoring Canada’s sovereignty could have far reaching implications quoting an historical reference about another “invasion” as … Continue reading

LNG transportation by rail?

Some concerns have been expressed online about rail transport of LNG. The safety ramifications go well beyond oil transport. If you are interested, you can find useful info on LNG here: … Continue reading

BREAKING NEWS: Canada continues to oppose LNG development in Passamaquoddy Bay

Just received at 4:40 pm today, May 17, 2013. Canada’s Ambassador to the United States confirmed again today Canada’s official opposition to the proposed Downeast LNG terminal in Passamaquoddy Bay, Bay of Fundy, stating: Given that LNG vessels would need … Continue reading

More Trouble for the East Coast Cod Fishery

CLF Calls to Shut Down New England Cod Fishery Posted: 31 Jan 2013 01:12 PM PST Yesterday the story of New England’s cod fishery took another tragic turn when the New England Fishery Management Council voted to drastically cut catch … Continue reading

HISTORY: From bootleggers to shipbuilding, Tell Tale Productions Inc. presents a new production Sunday December 9th

TV DOCUMENTARY EXPLORES SHIPBUILDING LEGACY IN THE MARITIMES Halifax, Nova Scotia – December 4, 2012 It’s a chapter of history mostly forgotten, not just across Canada but even in the Maritime provinces themselves. Shipbuilding – like fishing – is an … Continue reading

BAY OF FUNDY STUDIES: Resource Surveys from the 1970s are now available online.

    Bay of Fundy Resource Inventory Studies are finally being made available online at:   … Continue reading

OPINION: Will New Brunswick’s new “drive-through” highway destroy local businesses?

Has New Brunswick built “The Road to Anne”? I remember well the impact of the construction of the Trans-Canada Highway along coastal Fundy many decades ago. Prior to its construction, folks wound their way through the towns and villages along … Continue reading

CITIZEN RIGHTS: The planned erosion of the rights of Canadians in our waterways.

Well, it appears that another section of Bill C-45 is designed to further erode the rights of Canadian citizens in favour of commercial development and operations in our waterways. If you are involved in the fishery, tourism, recreation and related … Continue reading

LNG: Downeast LNG persists in its application for a Passamaquoddy Bay Terminal – Time for FERC to reject the last outstanding application.

From tourism to whales to cotton-tail rabbits Downeast LNG doesn’t understand Passamaquoddy Bay. It’s now long past the time for FERC to reject the last outstanding application to place an import LNG terminal in Passamaquoddy Bay, a process that, if … Continue reading

ENERGY: Can Bay of Fundy Ferries run on tidal power?

Fundy Tidal launches hybrid ferry idea October 16, 2012 – 6:51pm BY JOANN ALBERSTAT BUSINESS REPORTER Service would be created for Digby County route A Nova Scotia tidal energy developer is floating the idea of a hybrid ferry for a Digby … Continue reading