COMMUNITY: So you want your community to return to sustainable development and growth?

Click to review the publications available at Amazon How to Grow a Local Job-Rich Economy by Wayne Roberts, originally published by At a time when huge debates are raging over all the subsidies required by the 1 per cent of … Continue reading

VACANT PLACES: Repurpose downtown St. Stephen or tear it all down?

  Yesterday I toured my hometown to look for vacant spaces. I have always been interested in exploring potential development opportunities and was curious about what might exist in St. Stephen today. I have written about the decline of St. Stephen several times. … Continue reading

HIGHWAY TOLLS: New Brunswick’s proposals will hold all of the Atlantic Provinces hostage. Or will it?

Well, instead of backing off on loans and cash incentives to giant businesses who can well afford to pay, collecting appropriate taxes from them and eliminating offshore tax shelters, among other things, New Brunswick is proposing road tolls as a way to … Continue reading

JOBS: Marine Mammal Education and Research Internship New England Aquarium

The New England Aquarium is currently accepting Spring and Summer applicants for their Marine Mammal Education and Research Internship to serve aboard commercial Whale Watch Cruises, which are offered in partnership with Boston Harbor Cruises. Marine Mammal Education & Research … Continue reading

LNG transportation by rail?

Some concerns have been expressed online about rail transport of LNG. The safety ramifications go well beyond oil transport. If you are interested, you can find useful info on LNG here: … Continue reading

POLITICS: ACOA Dumps Regional Economic Development Agencies – Time for the 99% to “go it alone”? PART 1

No surprise really, but I was still startled somewhat to see the article online at that ACOA is dumping all of the regional economic development organizations or REDOs as they seem to like calling them. That’s all of them! … Continue reading

LNG: Downeast LNG continues FERC application – Canada opposes tankers in Head Harbour Passage.

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