Can YOU grow mustard seed for Raye’s Mustard in Eastport

See the pictures and subscribe at Interesting blog post on Raye’s Mustard in Eastport. Maybe someone here could grow the raw ingredients before Saskatchewan learns to process and sell it??? (Tongue in cheek!!!) Art*****************************************From: Where’s the mustard? Saskatchewan … Continue reading

Peace on Simpson’s Hill

See the pictures and subscribe at Attached are pics of Cachorro’s pool (with Casper in the reflection), and of one the hermit thrushes that serenaded us with its “clear, ethereal, flute-like” songs all evening, This is the first time … Continue reading

Some great online programs from Environment Canada

FrogWatch Senior Educators Guide – Now revised Amphibial Pursuits, the educators guide for grades 7-12, has been updated and released in English and French. You can download the guide by going to the FrogWatch website and clicking on educator … Continue reading

ISSUES: Do Dead Mink and Dead Herring Have Something in Common?

COMMENT: There have been some pretty negative comments about this article. Please read the supporting documents before you blast off. This is a serious local pollution problem that has been ongoing in the key watersheds leading to St. Mary’s Bay … Continue reading

FISHERIES: Yup, fish diseases and parasites can be bad for humans too! Learn all the disgusting details here.

I was click, click, clicking my way through Google search looking for something that would help folks understand the potential problems affecting herring in Nova Scotia and chanced upon this power point. I’ve condensed it down to diseases, parasites and … Continue reading