MEETING: St. Stephen citizens upset over possible demolition of old town hall

  Town council voted to demolish the historic town hall building after a report showed it needed $2M in repairs CBC News Posted: Feb 04, 2016 8:18 AM AT Last Updated: Feb 04, 2016 9:27 AM AT St. Stephen citizens … Continue reading

OPINION: Potash Mine Closure Could Save Inner Bay of Fundy Salmon. Wanna Bet?

The economic impacts of the mine closure in Sussex are huge and at the outset I want to stress that this article does not, in anyway, diminish those impacts. That said, sometimes there are positive results that aren’t readily apparent. As a … Continue reading

NOVA SCOTIA: Aquaculture review fast-tracked and expanded by federal government

via Aquaculture review fast-tracked and expanded by federal government – Nova Scotia – CBC News. The federal government has restarted a process to review how fish farms are regulated, and will now expand the scope of the review to include … Continue reading

ISSUES: Who owns it anyway? Lawsuit pushes ownership questions over rockweed

From: Multiple alleged incidents of illegal rockweed harvesting have provided the catalyst to file a civil lawsuit against Acadian Seaplants, The Quoddy Tides reported. The lawsuit seeks to determine who has ownership of intertidal rockweed. The plaintiffs are Ken and … Continue reading

SEAWEED: Clear-cutting seaweeds is much like clear-cutting our forests

“If there is no food for fish to eat, there is no food for you to eat.” Ever since massive seaweed harvesting has moved into the Bay of Fundy and Gulf of Maine, ecologists have warned that these habitats are … Continue reading

OPINION: Firing our best public researchers will negatively impact the Bay of Fundy.

The news is filled today with the firing of Dr. Eilish Cleary, New Brunswick’s Chief Medical Officer of Health. While her work on how fracking will affect the health of New Brunswickers is important to the general public, it also provided important … Continue reading

January, mixed gulls in Friar’s Bay

January, mixed gulls in Friar’s BayOriginally uploaded by headharbourlight Unbelievable concentrations of mixed species of gulls in Head Harbour Passage and Friar’s Roads today, January 9, 2009. Joyce estimates 10,000 to 20,000. Can anyone find out what they are feeding … Continue reading


OFFSHORE DRILLING: 9 more offshore exploration leases now up for grabs

Beyond Shell and BP: 9 more offshore exploration leases now up for grabs by JOHN DAVIS ON BEHALF OF CLEAN OCEAN ACTION COMMITTEE Exploration parcels 1 – 4 straddle Georges and Browns Bank, areas that are key to Nova Scotia’s … Continue reading


JOBS: Paid Freelance Writing Jobs, October 27, 2015

Freelance Writing Jobs, October 27, 2015 OCTOBER 27, 2015 BY NOEMI TASARRA-TWIGG Summer Camp Writer (USA/Canada) Freelance Writer – Mommy Poppins (Boston Area/Telecommute) Content Writer – Tech/B2B (Boston Metro North/Offsite) Ethical Lifestyle/Fashion Blogger (Anywhere) Copywriter for Brochure (Remote) Copywriter to … Continue reading

STORMS: What if Hurricane Patricia Struck the Fundy Area?

Brothers George and Peter McVicker who died in the Saxby Gale on October 4th, 1896 It was 146 years ago on October 5th that the Saxby Gale devastated the coast of the Bay of Fundy creating memories that have lasted … Continue reading