ISSUES: Do Dead Mink and Dead Herring Have Something in Common?

COMMENT: There have been some pretty negative comments about this article. Please read the supporting documents before you blast off. This is a serious local pollution problem that has been ongoing in the key watersheds leading to St. Mary’s Bay … Continue reading

FISHERIES: Yup, fish diseases and parasites can be bad for humans too! Learn all the disgusting details here.

I was click, click, clicking my way through Google search looking for something that would help folks understand the potential problems affecting herring in Nova Scotia and chanced upon this power point. I’ve condensed it down to diseases, parasites and … Continue reading

CREATURES: The Seals of Fundy

There are four species of seals which you may see in the Bay of Fundy   Harbour Seals (Phoca vitulina concolor) Present to common throughout the Bay of Fundy.  Harbor seals are normally found along the Atlantic Coast and islands from Maine … Continue reading

JOBS: New England Aquarium – Aerial Survey Research Assistant

Aerial Survey Research Assistant SUMMARY Participate in aerial surveys for whales, dolphins and sea turtles in outer continental shelf federal waters off Massachusetts and Rhode Island, an area proposed for offshore alternative energy development. Duties will include serving as an … Continue reading

Thinking about moving to Canada? – An ice-free Fundy makes winter easier and it’s shared with Maine.

THE STORY: The word is that many Americans are considering a move north to Canada. There is little doubt, Cape Breton got out their first with their delightful campaign. But wait!  Why go where the high winds blow when you … Continue reading

IMAGES: Some old images from Grand Manan Island

Grand Manan is rugged and beautiful and has attracted artists and photographers for many, many years. This is a small collection of old images taken primarily from postcards. … Continue reading

COMMUNITY: So you want your community to return to sustainable development and growth?

Click to review the publications available at Amazon How to Grow a Local Job-Rich Economy by Wayne Roberts, originally published by At a time when huge debates are raging over all the subsidies required by the 1 per cent of … Continue reading