Wild Apple Joy at Bay of Fundy’s Quoddy Region

No videos or pictures in your ILQW email? See them at http://ilovequoddywild.blogspot.com The abundance of wild apples from abandoned orchards and the saplings grown from their seed seems to be an under-appreciated aspect of our region. This is also the … Continue reading

Mysterious plant at Campobello. Can you identify it?

I follow your blog with great interest. Recently our horse chestnet tree sprouted these weird looking balls. I thought at first that they might be some kind of fungus. They started off white , then turned Gray. I am enclosing … Continue reading

Mocassin Flower at Bayside

See the pictures and subscribe athttp://www.ilovequoddywild.blogspot.com Hello everyone I was delighted to discover a pink moccasin flower hiding amongst the ferns alongside the old logging road, one of the south-side trails on Simpson Hill that I have been working on … Continue reading

Soft and Beautiful – Spring Tamaracks

See the pictures and subscribe athttp://www.ilovequoddywild.blogspot.com One of my “specimen” Tamaracks that I have left in a field delighted mewith a dazzle of colour yesterday …. I’d never really appreciated the “flowers” before. tj … Continue reading

Jack-in-the-pulpit at Bocabec

Found this Jack-in-the-pulpit (Arisaema triphyllum) in a wet forested area near our backyard in Bocabec. Magnificent and fascinating plant also known as Bog onion, Brown dragon, Indian turnip, Wake robin or Wild turnip. You can learn more at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arisaema_triphyllum. Art … Continue reading