MYSTERY: And the Mystery Vine on Tim Foulkes’ Mountain is …

Sean Blaney wrote: Hello Tim and Rick, This is an exceptionally robust colony of Fallopia cilinodis (=Polygonum cilinode), Fringed Bindweed. The shape of the basal lobes of the leaves (truncate, or sort of “squared off”) is a useful distinction in comparison … Continue reading

MYSTERY: Strange Vine on Tim Foulkes’ Mountain – Can you identify it?

Here is something new to be seen in the wilderness on Tim Foulkes’ Mountain (aka Simpson Hill.) located just starting up Yellow Jacket trail from branch to Cedars trail. The first photo is an overall view of the vine that … Continue reading

Purple fringed orchids, RCIP, Campobello July 24.2011

The purple fringed orchids are on Friar’s head on Campobello, in the park. It is important to leave orchids alone. If picked, or broken, they will not return to that spot. But they are lovely to admire from a slight … Continue reading

a bog walk on July 22, Campobello

A Yellowthroats. rose pogonias and pitcher plants photographed on a 20 minute bog walk this afternoon, July 22,2011. Hermit thrushes, veerys and white throated sparrows were all singing. It was a chorus with all the best musicians. The yellowthroat … Continue reading

AERIALS: Simpson Hill trails and colours from the air.

No videos or pictures in your ILQW email? See them at Hi Here are 3 pics I shot of our recent work area on Simpson Hill at 12:26 today with my Canon A650, reduced to 1/2 size and tweaked … Continue reading

Fundy Mystery Apple

No videos or pictures in your ILQW email? See them at Sorry about the previous post that just said “Fundy Mystery”.  Hit the wrong key or something! HiI have a couple of wild apple trees, widely separated, that produce … Continue reading