Mocassin Flower at Bayside

See the pictures and subscribe at Hello everyone I was delighted to discover a pink moccasin flower hiding amongst the ferns alongside the old logging road, one of the south-side trails on Simpson Hill that I have been working on … Continue reading

Soft and Beautiful – Spring Tamaracks

See the pictures and subscribe at One of my “specimen” Tamaracks that I have left in a field delighted mewith a dazzle of colour yesterday …. I’d never really appreciated the “flowers” before. tj … Continue reading

First Hummingbirds at Bocabec

Our hummingbird pair arrived “home” yesterday, May 8th. The female seemed perfectly happy to sit on the clothes line above the feeder and garden and just enjoy the end of her travels. The male was less calm, zipping about trying … Continue reading

Gray Jays Near St. Andrews

Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2009 17:19:48 -0400From: Todd Watts – NatureNB ListservSubject: Gray Jays Today I stumbled upon two Grey Jays while skiing near highway 1 and the Frye Road which is between Saint Stephen and Saint Andrews. These birds … Continue reading

King Eider at St. Andrews

Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2009 09:55:17 -0400From: Tracey Dean via NATURENB ListservSubject: St Andrews – King EiderSt. Andrews.Today, I brought my binoculars to work as large flocks of Eider had been feeding in the Brandy Cove. In amongst the closest … Continue reading

FORTS and FORTIFICATIONS: St. Andrews Blockhouses

THE STORY From The Beacon, St. Andrews, NB, June 4, 1891 Well on to eighty years (now 200 years!) have passed since the blockhouses were erected in St. Andrews. Three of them were put up, one at Joe’s Point, one … Continue reading

MYSTERY: And the Mystery Vine on Tim Foulkes’ Mountain is …

Sean Blaney wrote: Hello Tim and Rick, This is an exceptionally robust colony of Fallopia cilinodis (=Polygonum cilinode), Fringed Bindweed. The shape of the basal lobes of the leaves (truncate, or sort of “squared off”) is a useful distinction in comparison … Continue reading