A beautiful spring morning- May 18th, RCIP, Campobello

http://casa-del-campo.smugmug.com/photos/swfpopup.mg?swfPop=true&noClickURL=true&url=http://casa-del-campo.smugmug.com/Birds/local-birds-2010/12044274_wcZ4L#871577258_D2DTC A parula warbler catches a catepillar- A least flycarcher watches me watching him- A redstart sings his heart out on spring morning- A unknown oriole in the apple tree- I had a wonderful time taking these photos! Joyce M. … Continue reading

Scarlet Tanager, May 17th, RCIP, Campobello

No videos or pictures in your ILQW email? See them at http://ilovequoddywild.blogspot.com http://casa-del-campo.smugmug.com/Birds/scarlet-tanager/12221197_kQSc7#870491019_DThD6 We chanced upon a georgeous scarlet tanager in the park today. It was late in the day and we watched quite a while. There were other warblers … Continue reading

A walk to Ragged Head, Campobello

http://casa-del-campo.smugmug.com/photos/swfpopup.mg?swfPop=true&noClickURL=true&url=http://casa-del-campo.smugmug.com/Campobello-Island-NB-Canada/landscapes/Walk-to-Ragged-Head-Campobello/12108296_WtasY#860600344_dkmTXCome along with us on a beautiful day in early May on a walk to Ragged Head on Campobello. The weather is perfect we just can’t waste this day inside!Joyce … Continue reading

Sparrows , Campobello, May 1st

http://casa-del-campo.smugmug.com/photos/swfpopup.mg?swfPop=true&noClickURL=true&url=http://casa-del-campo.smugmug.com/Birds/local-birds-2010/12044274_wcZ4L#854763502_PPrcqI took a few photos of the sparrows that live near the house. Joyce … Continue reading

Ducks a-courting at Campobello

No videos or pictures in your ILQW email? See them at http://ilovequoddywild.blogspot.com http://casa-del-campo.smugmug.com/photos/swfpopup.mg?swfPop=true&noClickURL=true&url=http://casa-del-campo.smugmug.com/Birds/ducks/ducks/11843384_V2yDW#837305454_yskeo I watched eiders and red breasted mergansers very engaged in courting today at the duck ponds. Fun to watch. Joyce … Continue reading

Lightstation has a new landing platform.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/headharbourlight/show/with/4512835827/ We went over the Head Harbour Lightstation today to see the new landing platform. It was a nice day, but cold. The sunny inside porch was nice and warm, though. We took dinner over and enjoyed the first time … Continue reading