(Campobello Island, New Brunswick, CA, Dec. 21, 2016)   President Barack Obama has appointed Anna Eleanor Roosevelt as the newest member of the Roosevelt Campobello International Park Commission. Ms. Roosevelt, a granddaughter of President Franklin D. and First Lady … Continue reading

EXPLORE: History in Stone at Campobello

Slideshow. Click to advance or wait. Three of these images are of a large boulder on the shore near Campobello’s Mulholland Point Light. The boulder appears to be sedimentary rock, similar in appearance to the rock found in the Red … Continue reading

EXPLORE: Planning a visit to the Island? This aerial photo shows some of the unique habitat you can see.

Although the focus of this composite aerial photo is the southern tip of Campobello and the Roosevelt Campobello International Park, it also shows much of Herring Cove Provincial Park. Note the many, lighter-colored, brownish-green sphagnum bogs within the boundaries of … Continue reading

Fundy Mystery: Can You Identify This Object

The attached images are of an object found on the beach below Friar’s Head at Campobello. Because the object predates the island’s aquaculture industry, it may have been used in the weir fishery. Older area residents can likely identify it … Continue reading

White-winged scoters, Oct.29th, Friar’s Bay, Campobello

About 40 to 50 white winged scoters around the wharf at Friar’s Bay, resting near the sheltered cliffs and diving near the wharf. This is the same place the mergansers use all winter.They have been in the same spot for … Continue reading

Purple fringed orchids, RCIP, Campobello July 24.2011

The purple fringed orchids are on Friar’s head on Campobello, in the park. It is important to leave orchids alone. If picked, or broken, they will not return to that spot. But they are lovely to admire from a slight … Continue reading

a bog walk on July 22, Campobello

A Yellowthroats. rose pogonias and pitcher plants photographed on a 20 minute bog walk this afternoon, July 22,2011. Hermit thrushes, veerys and white throated sparrows were all singing. It was a chorus with all the best musicians. The yellowthroat … Continue reading