EXPLORE: The Strange Rocks of Campobello Island, Bay of Fundy

Some of Campobello‘s young people like to call the ledge off the island’s Liberty Point “Frog Rock.” Some also see the image of a turtle. With a little imagination, the image of the stone stack below Campobello’s Friar’s Head reveals … Continue reading

The eagles have landed!!

COMMENT: Thanks for this post!! Unfortunately the photo didn’t arrive.Can you try again Seashell-Kim? Send it as an attachment to a new mail to artmackay.blogspot.com. Looking forward to seeing it. Thanks Art.   I know that there have been plenty … Continue reading

Mysterious plant at Campobello. Can you identify it?

I follow your blog with great interest. Recently our horse chestnet tree sprouted these weird looking balls. I thought at first that they might be some kind of fungus. They started off white , then turned Gray. I am enclosing … Continue reading

Quoddy Beauty from Brian

Many years ago, my ecology prof referred to the “ability to see” as “der augenblick”,  a special talent that he variously described as “the moment”,” the blink of the eye”, or a “talent of sight”; always conveying someone who has … Continue reading

Brian Flynn returns to beautiful, foggy Campobello

See the pictures and subscribe at http://ilovequoddywild.blogspot.com   No wildlife but when the fog lifted for a couple hours today, I took the opportunity to get a couple shots from the front of our house.  Two are of the Sylvina … Continue reading

Right Whales Near the Rocks

See the pictures and subscribe at http://ilovequoddywild.blogspot.com Art, Do you remember these whales that Bob Hooper saw off Eastern Head on Campobello? Danielle says they are right whales, we were not sure at the time. Bobby says they were taken … Continue reading