Male patriarch hummingbird

More at : He completely wears himself out chasing every male hummingbird that is within reach. He is always on guard. Sometimes he is so worn out that he can barely fly and falls asleep alternate moments. Joyce … Continue reading

Male ruby throated hummingbird, ’09 Campobello

The ruby flash is quick, and usually in motion, so it is hard to catch. They use it as a territorial warning, usually. For those of us who wonder why the iridescense is so intense. Joyce … Continue reading

Birds at DU Marsh, St. George, NB

Date: Sat, 16 May 2009 11:38:11 -0300 From: Todd Watts NatureNB ListservSubject: Virginia RailsA mid-morning walk along the Ducks Unlimited Trail in Saint George produced the following.2 Virginia Rails feeding togetherSeveral SoraWood DuckBlue-winged TealPied-billed Grebea small flock of shorebirds(unidentified)Baltimore OrioleLeast … Continue reading