Bay of Fundy "Sail-a-bration" becomes a Quoddy Tradition

See the pictures and subscribe at A few years ago, a group of folks who truly love and are concerned about the Quoddy Region started this annual spectale to show the world how much they love this place. Well, they … Continue reading

Bay of Fundy wolf eel couple beneath the waves

Maria Buzeta and Mike Strong have spent decades exploring the underwater wealth of the Quoddy Region. I think that this video of a wolf eel couple at home at Sandy Island, Head Harbour Passage, speaks to just how special this … Continue reading

THE TIME THE CANARY DIED: The passing of the Red-necked phalarope from the Quoddy Region and what it means.

When I went away to do graduate work at McGill University I experienced a vacuum, a void, a realization that something was missing. Moving west to Victoria BC helped but the feeling didn’t leave … something was missing deep inside … Continue reading

Marine Protected Areas: Open House – St. George, Wednesday, October 26 (4-7pm) Magaguadavic Place

In our inbox this morning. Please attend if you are concerned about the future of the Quoddy Region. I wanted to let you know of an open house on MPA network planning that DFO is holding in St. George. It’ll take … Continue reading

Red Wrymouth photo

No videos or pictures in your ILQW email? See them at I’ve encountered several wrymouth while digging in local mudflats for research specimens. Never saw a red one. But this photo from the University of Massachusetts came up in … Continue reading

FISH: More on mysterious red eel

No videos or pictures in your ILQW email? See them at Hello Joyce and Art, These are great photos but difficult for fish identification except for color and body shape. The fish is eel-like, however, it is unlikely (but … Continue reading

Breaching minke whale at Bay of Fundy, Campobello Island

No pictures? Go to There have been 4 to 10 finback whales consistantly at the lighthouse in the mouth of Head Harbour Passage for weeks now. The minkes are there but elusive. This minke breached a dozen times in … Continue reading

Bay of Fundy whales, whales, whales at Head Harbour Passage

No videos or pictures in your ILQW email? See them at From YouTube … thanks to Joyce M. and the Lyons LyonsRoarYT — September 16, 2009 — Jeff and Karen Lyon go whale watching in the Bay of Fundy … Continue reading

Porpoise at Head Harbour Lightstation, June 3, 2010 15 to 20 porpoise, maybe more, moving down Head Harbour Passage and around the lightstation to deeper water. I only looked for them for a brief period of time, it was starting to rain and I feared for the … Continue reading

Lightstation has a new landing platform. We went over the Head Harbour Lightstation today to see the new landing platform. It was a nice day, but cold. The sunny inside porch was nice and warm, though. We took dinner over and enjoyed the first time … Continue reading