Friendly Porpoise at Head Harbour

Head Harbour photos-August 6, 2009 Hi Art, Hope you are well.  I thought you might be interested in a couple photos I took this afternoon just off Hear Harbour Light.  When I cut the motor the porpoise became very curious and … Continue reading

What is it? Campobello, August 1st

This washed up on the lighthouse beach. New to me, what is it?  Joyce This is Boltenia ovifera, the Sea Potato. They are plankton feeders and, as you would guess, Head Harbour Passage is filled with them. They form veritable … Continue reading

The whales never rest in Head Harbour Passage – Finbacks at night!

From Joyce M. An old friend told me at the lighthouse today that she was staying at her mother’s house at Wilson’s Beach and the whales woke her up last night, July 9th. She went outside and watched a big … Continue reading

6 or 7 fins today and a cow/calf pair in Head Harbour Passage

Hey Art, The fins were more spread out today than previous days, there were 6-7 feeding up towards Blacks Harbour on the flood (they made their way towards Bliss as the flood continued).  And then on the ebb they were … Continue reading

Whales and whale watchers at the lightstation, July 8, 2009

We spent a tide at the lightstation and all these photos were taken from the walkway near the fog building. It was calm and quiet out there and you could hear whales spouting and breathing from a long way away. … Continue reading

Five fins at Head Harbour Passage Today

Hey Art, Danielle again with Quoddy Link.  I wanted to tell you that we had 5 finbacks off the entrance to Head Harbour tonight!  4 were traveling side-by-side and the other was further in closer to Spruce. Cheers,DanielleQuoddy Link Marine … Continue reading

Finbacks and porpoise, July 6th

Finbacks today, July 6th The two finbacks together were not around, but a very big greyish finback was in at high tide nearly to the rocks at the light, with all the whale boats clustered near the lighthouse.  I would … Continue reading

Pictures from today – Head Harbour Passage

Hi Art, Attached are two pictures taken this afternoon (Monday) History, nature, and eco-tourism…It came together in one spot this afternoon off East Quoddy Light.  Sure worth protecting.  Seal colony off Casco Bay Island. Brian … Continue reading

Finbacks in Head Harbour Passage

Hey Art, there were finbacks in Head Harbour Passage again today (seen as far up as Windmill Pt.).  You can see Deer Island in the background (Leonardville). Cheers,DanielleQuoddy Link Marine We are your photos. Share us now with Windows Live … Continue reading