Bay of Fundy’s nature at its very best!

No videos or pictures in your ILQW email? See them at Hi Art: Yesterday we saw fin whales, minke, and  a right whale on our boat trip from Robbinston Boat Landing thru St Andrews to Letite where  the first … Continue reading

Humpback off Wilson’s Beach In Head Harbour Passage

Hey Art and all you readers of I Love Quoddy WILD!  We were able to get 2 trips in today despite hurricane Danny moving into the Bay.  Our morning trip took us back off the Wolves were we found large … Continue reading

Basking Shark in Head Harbour Passage

There was a big basking shark near the seawall in Wilson’s Beach yesterday, August 26th. It was near the edges of the waterline, far up in the cove. Many people went to see it.  Joyce   Photo Credit: … Continue reading

Action in Head Harbour Passage today, August 26th.

 Lesley and I went out with Mac Greene on Island Cruises today hoping for right whales to photograph, but it was too rough once we got out a bit in the bay and he had to turn around. Inside Head … Continue reading

Bay of Fundy Right Whales Back Near Head Harbour Lighthouse!

Cara Fitzsimmons, who works for us, also works for Mac Greene. Yesterday, she told us, she was out on the boat with Mac and IFAW researchers. They were about a mile and a half off the lighthouse (Head Harbour Lightstation) … Continue reading

Trawling for whales in the Bay of Fundy

No videos or pictures in your ILQW email? See them at Since the fog went away, everyone has become exceptionally busy as we attempt to “do summer” in the few remaining weeks in August.The result for us here at … Continue reading

Wish I had seen this!

Two independant people, one on the Deer Island and Campobello ferry and one person feeding fish deep in Head Harbour Passage, told me that there were many minkes and two finback in HHPassage yesterday.. One minke breached many times with … Continue reading

Fin whales again in Head Harbour Passage -August 13, 2009

Hey Art, well, again today at the end of the flood and start or the ebb we had fin whales in Head Harbour Passage, tonight we spent some time with one off Casco and another off the mouth of the … Continue reading

Kayakers’ close encounters.- August 10

Hello Art, We were out on a full day kayak tour yesterday, August 10th, one double and 4 singles, and found ourselves approximately 300 yards off of the south east corner of Casco Island at 3 pm, when a Minke … Continue reading

Gulls and Kittiwakes, Head Harbour Lightstation, August 6th. 09 We spent a few hours at the light at high tide today and I went way out on the rocks with the gulls and took a few photos. I got some great shots of the gulls and kittiwakes. Joyce … Continue reading