From Lesley on the water at West Isles, Aug.17

There were 2 fins just off the back of White Island near the Light…as well as several minkes….also a pod of porpoises and lots of fish…and half way between St. Andrews and L’Etete there was a large jellyfish bloom that … Continue reading

PLACES: A Quoddy Anthology–A great Christmas gift! Last chance to buy.

A Quoddy Anthology was written in response to the proposed LNG developments in Passamaquoddy Bay. Now that those threats have passed for the moment, A Quoddy Anthology will be rewritten in a more general context, but continuing to express the … Continue reading

Marine Protected Areas: Open House – St. George, Wednesday, October 26 (4-7pm) Magaguadavic Place

In our inbox this morning. Please attend if you are concerned about the future of the Quoddy Region. I wanted to let you know of an open house on MPA network planning that DFO is holding in St. George. It’ll take … Continue reading

Fundy Wonders Website first post features West Isles aerial by Tim Foulkes.

Fundy Wonders is a new website devoted to photos, words and art that illustrate the beauty and specific wonders of the Bay of Fundy, Canada’s #1 Natural Wonder. More at:  … subscribe, contribute, enjoy! SPECIAL PLACES: West Isles from … Continue reading

The richest land uplifts the poorest people – A formula for Quoddy’s future?

No videos or pictures in your ILQW email? See them at  Congratulations to the participating contries in Africa on the formation of this transfrontier park. Amazing isn’t it that we are unable to form a Canada-US-Passamaquoddy International Park in … Continue reading

President Obama’s Ocean Plan should protect Bay of Fundy Marine Life at Head Harbour Passage and West Isles.

No videos or pictures in your ILQW email? See them at While not yet written into law, President Obama’s new Ocean Policy task force called for decisions guided by “best available science” as well as a “precautionary approach” that … Continue reading