ENERGY: Mainers Worry about Big Oil and Old Pipes.

Photo from Facebook post.  This is what a burst pipeline looks like. Enbridge‘s in Michigan. This hole spilled 4 million litres of oil into the Kalamzoo river. Mainers are concerned that this might happen in Maine as Enbridge moves to bring … Continue reading

LNG: Downeast LNG seems to think shale gas freezes up in the winter? Come on Dean!

Passamaquoddy LNG proposal pushes ahead Downeast LNG terminal project continues despite decision against Calais LNG ‘New England, despite all this shale gas, is still dependant on LNG in the winter time to meet domestic demand for gas.’—Dean Girdis, Downeast LNG … Continue reading

LNG: Calais LNG – Hope springs eternal.

Feds reject permit for Calais LNG, but developers say project isn’t dead yet By Tom Walsh, BDN Staff Posted April 06, 2012, at 9:53 a.m. CALAIS, Maine — The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has pulled the plug on a six-year effort to build … Continue reading

BOB GODFREY: Calais LNG is gone. Downeast LNG is the last shoreside holdout in a pointless pursuit.

FERC Dismisses Calais LNG From Permitting Process The US Federal Energy Commission (FERC) director of Energy Projects Jeff Wright today notified Calais LNG Project Company and Calais LNG Pipeline Company that, in accordance with FERC regulations, their project has been … Continue reading

BREAKING NEWS: Calais LNG Application Dismissed by FERC.

Word has just been received that Calais LNG, a group that proposed building an LNG terminal at Devil’s Head In the St. Croix River Estuary, has just had it’s application dismissed by the Federal Environment Regulatory Commission. The full text … Continue reading

LNG: Developer says Passamaquoddy Bay is an empty 10-lane highway and he’s going to fill it!

As uncharacteristic as it may seem, I actually got it wrong when I told the story about the LNG developer who referred to Passamaquoddy Bay as an empty 6 lane highway. Joyce Merrill has set the record straight!! Joyce writes: … Continue reading

LNG: Save Passamaquoddy Bay USA claims Calais LNG continues to “Yank FERC’s chain” in petition to dismiss application.

Save Passamaquoddy Bay A 3-Nation Alliance (US • Passamaquoddy • Canada) PO Box 222 • Eastport, ME 04631 • (207)853-2922 Kimberly D. Bose, Secretary Federal Energy Regulatory Commission 888 First Street, NE Room 1A Washington, DC 20426 eFiled … Continue reading

Premier Shawn Graham restates NB’s position on LNG in the Bay of Fundy’s Head Harbour Passage

No videos or pictures in your ILQW email? See them at Cobscook Bay, Head Harbour Passage, and West Isles – Tim Foulkes Photo Canada Controls Head Harbour Passage. Premier Shawn GrahamCommentary I am writing to clearly restate the Province’s … Continue reading

Small Scale Windpower works for Maine Veterinarian

No videos or pictures in your ILQW email? See them at Chester man installs own windmill Turbine will power office, farmhouse By Nick Sambides Jr.BDN Staff CHESTER, Maine — Joseph Nesin looks forward to 30 years of free electricity. … Continue reading

Former US Assistant Surgeon General Documents Life in Bay of Fundy’s Head Harbour Area

No videos or pictures in your ILQW email? See them at According to retired US Assistant Surgeon General Brian Flynn, his decision to buy a summer home at Campobello was cemented during an LNG presentation that he and his … Continue reading

Bay of Fundy community blog makes important statement about the Quoddy Ecosystem

No videos or pictures in your ILQW email? See them at  The I Love Quoddy WILD blog (ILQW) has turned out to be a dynamic and vital community resource that is defining the importance of the Quoddy ecosystem. Posts … Continue reading

Impressive Important Submissions to FERC

ILQW was not created to be involved as an activist vehicle. It has the very specific purpose of celebrating the beauty of the Quoddy Region. However, the current proposals for LNG terminal development in the Quoddy Region, clearly threaten this … Continue reading