From Lesley on the water at West Isles, Aug.17

There were 2 fins just off the back of White Island near the Light…as well as several minkes….also a pod of porpoises and lots of fish…and half way between St. Andrews and L’Etete there was a large jellyfish bloom that … Continue reading

Porcupine at Ganong Nature Park

For Andrew and family – visiting from Florida. The North American Porcupine (Erethizon dorsatum), is the second largest rodent in North America and is considered a nuisance animal by some.  Young are born in early spring; this juvenile was seen on … Continue reading

Bay of Fundy’s Dragons of the Air

See the pictures and subscribe at Looking for new levels of beauty and learning? Then you need to bookmark Gilles Belliveau’s Dragonflies and Damselflies of NB at Check it out, print it out, then hit the road with … Continue reading

Skua, Finbacks, Humpbacks, and Right Whales at Grand Manan

See the pictures and subscribe at Date: Sat, 15 Aug 2009 08:02:04 -0300From: Durlan & Sally NatureNBSubject: Skua YesterdayI saw my first Skua yesterday of the season. It was 2 miles east of Whitehead island. I got a few … Continue reading

Bay of Fundy Right Whales Home for the Summer!

See the pictures and subscribe at The New england Aquariums Right whale Blog reported the following: There seems to be a lot of activity in the bay this year. Thursday, we sighted 14 humpback whales, 27 right whales and … Continue reading

Here’s your chance to really help Bay of Fundy whales and have fun too!

See the pictures and subscribe at Hello To All Who Share a Love for Passamaquoddy Bay, Whales, and Good Maritime Music, There will be a rare opportunity to hear sea songs and stories by Maine’s well known duo, Castlebay on Monday … Continue reading

Downeast Birds – Maine Bird Alert, August 13th

See the pictures and subscribe at A NIGHTHAWK was observed in East Machias on August 12. Five WHITE-RUMPED SANDPIPERS were on the Lubec Sand Bar August 12. A LITTLE GULL was roosting on Sandy Ledge near Eastport on August … Continue reading

Wish I had seen this!

Two independant people, one on the Deer Island and Campobello ferry and one person feeding fish deep in Head Harbour Passage, told me that there were many minkes and two finback in HHPassage yesterday.. One minke breached many times with … Continue reading

Fin whales again in Head Harbour Passage -August 13, 2009

Hey Art, well, again today at the end of the flood and start or the ebb we had fin whales in Head Harbour Passage, tonight we spent some time with one off Casco and another off the mouth of the … Continue reading

Watch out for whales at Eastport’s WaCo Diner!

See the pictures and subscribe at Now here’s one for the books! Art, a finback whale near shore sprayed customers dining on the deck at the WaCo Diner in summer 2007. I don’t recall the month.Bob If you want … Continue reading

Nighthawks at Oak Bay

See the pictures and subscribe at Date: Tue, 11 Aug 2009 04:52:35 -0700From: ron m NatureNBSubject: Common Nighthawks About 6:30-7 pm yesterday Arlene and I were going into town and through Oak Bay(outside St.  Stephen) there were in excess … Continue reading

Great Trips – Whales and seabirds seen from Grand Manan Ferry

See the pictures and subscribe at This is really a great walk-on trip, over and back is a bargain and lots to see on the right day. See the report below. Check out Coastal Transport for rates and times. … Continue reading