BIRDS: The Burnt Goose – Fowl or Fish?

THE STORY:  Burnt Goose – Fowl or Fish? Have you seen this guy along our Fundy shores? It’s a small goose that shows up during migration and stays over the winter. It often confuses people because of its smaller size and color. … Continue reading

ADVENTURES: Start planning your whale watching tour now!

The season can get busy … so it is wise to book well in advance. … Continue reading

FISHERIES: Hey! Hands Off of My Herring!

Hey! Hands Off of My Herring! Nets the Width of Football Fields and Five Stories Tall By Dan Shapley If for you, the word “fishing” conjures images of a solitary figure casting over a placid lake, hold onto your … Continue reading

Whales On The Wall – Display Your Best Images

Show your best images on your office wall, send a special gift, make a unique presentation. Send a high quality image and a rough size and we will get back to you with your best choices, delivery and costs. We … Continue reading

WILL CANADA FOLLOW SUIT? NOAA Expands Critical Habitat for Endangered North Atlantic Right Whales

  To the attention of The Honorable Hunter Tootoo, Minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard In a press release dated January 26, 2016, NOAA has expanded its Right Whale “critical habitat” from 2,925 nm2 to 21,334 nm2. This … Continue reading

OPINION: Potash Mine Closure Could Save Inner Bay of Fundy Salmon. Wanna Bet?

The economic impacts of the mine closure in Sussex are huge and at the outset I want to stress that this article does not, in anyway, diminish those impacts. That said, sometimes there are positive results that aren’t readily apparent. As a … Continue reading


THE VISUALS THE STORY CONCERNS: The health of the oceans depends on a complex food web which ultimate depends on the sun providing energy for photosynthesis by tiny plants called phytoplankton which, in turn, serve as food for equally tiny … Continue reading