WHALES: Whales, Porpoises and the U. S. Navy

While the US Navy has recently been taken to task for the impacts of sound on whales in our oceans, it seems that the Navy VS Whales contest has been going on for decades. The following paper from 1961 provides … Continue reading

OPINION: Did we bomb whales? “If it acts like a sub, pings like a sub, sink it like a sub!”

I wrote this article some time ago, but didn’t post it because the east coast connection wasn’t really solid and I couldn’t really point to the person or article I was referring to below. Well, I just found the article. It … Continue reading


  It seems like a long, long time ago now. But I once operated a biological research station on Deer Island, a little island at the mouth of the Bay of Fundy, right on the border between Maine, USA, and … Continue reading

ADVENTURES: Start planning your whale watching tour now!

The season can get busy … so it is wise to book well in advance. … Continue reading

Whales On The Wall – Display Your Best Images

Show your best images on your office wall, send a special gift, make a unique presentation. Send a high quality image and a rough size and we will get back to you with your best choices, delivery and costs. We … Continue reading


 Halifax, Nova Scotia – January 9, 2013 With seemingly effortless grace, power, and beauty, marine mammals glide through the waters along our coastline. However, these majestic creatures can often find themselves caught in fishing gear or stranded in shallow water. … Continue reading

WHALES: Learning about Killer Whales– A Primer for Bay of Fundy Whale Watchers

KILLER WHALE Orcinus orca INTRODUCTION – Once feared by man, killer whales have been intensively studied and, while experts recommend caution in dealing with any large marine mammal, they appear to tolerate curious humans and their boats. In recent years, killer … Continue reading

WHALES: Spectacular Bay of Fundy Finback and Boat Encounter at Head Harbour Passage – 2009

One of the most dramatic videos we have seen. Art, We were at Head Harbor Sunday Sept 6 and our engine overheated. We turned it off. About that time a finback came straight toward the boat. Please see attached photos sent … Continue reading

WHALES: Killer whale sighting in Bay of Fundy

CBC News Posted: Sep 20, 2012 1:44 PM AT Last Updated: Sep 20, 2012 2:13 PM AT Orca whale sighting off Digby (Tania Taylor-Campbell) A group of sightseers signed on for a whale-watching cruise off Brier Island to perhaps catch … Continue reading

WHALES: Bowhead turns up in Bay of Fundy

August 28, 2012 – 3:49am BY IAN FAIRCLOUGH STAFF REPORTER, http://thechronicleherald.ca/ Whale inhabits northern waters; likely got lost, says professor – A bowhead whale surfaces in the Bay of Fundy last week. The bowhead’s normal range usually doesn’t bring it much farther south … Continue reading