BIRDS: Strange and beautiful winter sightings.

  VARIED THRUSH – Added by Merv. J. Cormier on January 23, 2012 at 2:41pm This bird a first year thrush, the Varied Thrush is normally found in the Rocky Mountains and Western N.A. It is a wonderer and some birds are … Continue reading

White-winged scoters, Oct.29th, Friar’s Bay, Campobello

About 40 to 50 white winged scoters around the wharf at Friar’s Bay, resting near the sheltered cliffs and diving near the wharf. This is the same place the mergansers use all winter.They have been in the same spot for … Continue reading

Sabines Gull reported at Grand Manan and Head Harbour Passage

Brian Dalzell Subject: Re: Sabine’s Gull, Head Harbor Passage An adult Sabine’s Gull was reported to me by Jim Leslie, inn keeper from the Marathon Inn here on Grand Manan. It was feeding with Black-legged Kittiwakes off Swallowtail Light on … Continue reading

Bay of Fundy Birds: Shorebirds starting to move on Grand Manan

Red-necked Stint by nkenji via FlickrRoger Burrow, NatureNB, reports lots of shorebirds starting to move on Grand Manan including a Red-necked Stint. The following is his report from the NatureNB listserv: Thoroughfare Road 10:15-11:00 Common Loon, 7 Great Blue Herons, … Continue reading

GRAND MANAN: Recent birds reported by Roger Burrows.

Image by ah_kopelman via Flickr Date: Mon, 1 Aug 2011 17:37:36 -0300From: Roger Burrows Subject: Grand Manan birds, inc. CORY’S SHEARWATERMy new computer is now online, so I’ll be able to post regularly again.JULY 28Ingalls Head 20:30-21:006 Common Eiders, 20 … Continue reading

a bog walk on July 22, Campobello

A Yellowthroats. rose pogonias and pitcher plants photographed on a 20 minute bog walk this afternoon, July 22,2011. Hermit thrushes, veerys and white throated sparrows were all singing. It was a chorus with all the best musicians. The yellowthroat … Continue reading