Tides Institute Presents England to America: Artist Residency and Prominent Panel Discussion on Public Art

Presenting the work of the Parish Maps Project, initiated in the late 1980s by the organization, Common Ground, of England, [http://www.commonground.org.uk] the Tides Institute and Museum of Art, located in Eastport, Maine, will host Common Ground co-founder, Sue Clifford, in … Continue reading

Bay of Fundy Communities Take Note! Got an idea for an innovative Co-operative development for your community?

If you have a great idea for an innovative Co-operative project in your community or, perhaps, between Quoddy communities, you should consider this substantial funding source. Art***************** Co-operative Development Initiative (CDI) Call for proposals: “Innovative Co-operative Projects” The Canadian Co-operative … Continue reading

Brian Flynn returns to beautiful, foggy Campobello

See the pictures and subscribe at http://ilovequoddywild.blogspot.com   No wildlife but when the fog lifted for a couple hours today, I took the opportunity to get a couple shots from the front of our house.  Two are of the Sylvina … Continue reading

OPINION: Fishing for Solutions to the Climate Crisis – Lois Mitchell

By Lois Mitchell on November 16th, 2016 From the Catalyst, Winter 2016 I live in the small fishing community of Deer Island, New Brunswick. My husband, son, and son-in-law are commercial fishermen. (As was my father-in-law and his father before him and his father … Continue reading

AQUACULTURE: Taming the Leaper – Dreams from the Past.

There are lots of opinions about aquaculture today, but way back when the first site was tried out in the Bay of Fundy almost 40 years ago, it’s success was thought to have all sorts of potentially positive benefits. Read … Continue reading

THE WEIR: Inner Bay of Fundy Version

There are many types of weirs. In the Outer Bay of Fundy they are built by driving stakes with pile drivers and are fished and emptied by boat. Inner Bay of Fundy Weirs, on the other hand, are fished differently, … Continue reading

ATLANTIC HERRING: Are mass mortalities an extention of VHS in Labrador and Newfoundland?

THE STORY: Thousands of Atlantic Herring have been dying along the Fundy shores of Nova Scotia. The characteristics of the mortalities and the widely dispersed areas, suggesting the possibility of of disease. This is currently being investigated by DFO.  However, a … Continue reading

ROCK ART: Highway Inukshuk

There’s something comforting about the inukshuk (or inuksuk if you prefer) that can be seen along all of our highways. Slideshow. Wait or click to advance Have you got a favorite or some other story in stone like a carving … Continue reading

AQUACULTURE: What’s really happening?

I have been following the articles and posts on aquaculture and, frankly, both sides seem populated by the equivalent of zealots. “It’s bad” … “It’s good”, “Shut it down” … “It’ll save the world”. On and on it goes while … Continue reading

COMMUNITY: The Commons – Nine women who took charge and work to develop Eastport, ME

There are a number of good things happening in the City of Eastport, Maine, including several that are being driven by 9 progressive women from the area. Together they have developed properties and businesses that are surviving the test of time. … Continue reading