ENERGY: Bay of Fundy Tidal Energy at Annapolis Royal

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Matt Hall  –  3:44 PM (edited)  –  Public
Visited Annapolis Royal today, on the other side of Nova Scotia [ ]. It sits in the Annapolis Basin, a natural harbour on the south side of the Bay of Fundy. Just outside the town, on a causeway across the basin, sits North America’s first tidal power station (of two!), to take advantage of the region’s megatidal range of about 7.5 m (not as high as in the Minas Basin, further into the Bay).

It’s very small, only 20 MW, and consists of a pair of sluices in the causeway. I don’t know if both of them generate power, or if one is only for controlling the flux through the other. Either way, I admit I was a bit disappointed, especially as the visitor’s centre (most of the building you can see in the picture) was closed.

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