VICTORY: The Remarkable Story of How Citizens Halted LNG Development in Passamaquoddy Bay

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Twelve years ago, LNG imports were all the rage for developers …  several of whom set up their offices along the Passamaquoddy Bay Maine shore for the express purpose of establishing import facilities there.

This area has the greatest marine biodiversity on the east coast and supports many endangered species including North Atlantic Right Whales. It is home to multimillion dollar fisheries, tourism and other coastal operations and employs thousands.  In addition, they needed permission  to pass through Head Harbour Passage which the Canadian government stated clearly was off-limits to LNG tankers. Nevertheless, while some proposals were defeated DowneastLNG persisted for 12 long hard years.

But, as with the proposed Pittston Refinery before this, the local folks, Canadians, Americans, and Passamaquoddy alike were so alarmed that they engaged in open and difficult battles which culminated in a final victory in August this year.

Barb Raynor of the St. Croix Courier has written a unique story of this remarkable engagement. It follows:

The 12-year-fight to prevent liquefied natural gas (LNG) development in Passamaquoddy Bay ends - The Saint Croix Courier

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