EXPLORE: Carleton Martello Tower, Saint John, NB.

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ACCESS: The museum and display building are easily accessed from the parking lot. The site is open to the public during posted hours. FEES: There are modest entry fees.

Built during the War of 1812 when invasion by the Americans was a real concern, Carleton Martello Tower protected the entrance to Saint John Harbour. Today the Tower is operated as one of Parks Canada’s Historic Sites.It has a delightful museum that has excellent informative displays and the tour of the tower is well done.

The Tower has been crumbling somewhat and this year a substantial budget is in place to carry out repair work so there could be some disruption of your tour. The announcement makes it sound like there will be some major activity but that they will be able to accommodate your visit at the visitor center. “Parks Canada is proud to announce more than $13 million in rehabilitation work at Carleton Martello Tower National Historic Site. Restoration efforts will ensure that the cultural integrity of the 1812 Tower and essence of the World War II Superstructure are protected for generations to come. Restoration activities will begin in 2016, and although there will be no access to the 1812 tower or command post, visitors will be invited to enjoy and explore the Visitor Center, Exhibit Gallery, gift counter, and grounds.”

Modest fees are charged and the current rates can be seen here.



There are a few twists and turns needed to find your way to 454 Whipple St, Saint John, NB E2M. But the map below will help you to get there. It’s open to the public


Absolutely. The site is well kept and the displays and presentations are professionally done.



Fort Drummond (1812 1866)  Was Built on a hill 1300 metres from Fort Frederick (site of a present day water tower), and 180 metres from the future site of the Carleton Tower, covering the Musquash Road. The two-gun blockhouse was identical to the Dorchester Blockhouse at Lower Cove (see below). Ammunition was stored at the Fort Frederick magazine.

Saint John has numerous other military sites that are covered separately.


Syrian newcomers visit Martello Tower, March, 2016


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