LNG: The legal approach to protecting the Quoddy area through testimony

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There have been almost a half dozen proposals to build LNG terminals in the Quoddy Area. Each of these has required people who truly know and understand this ecosystem to attempt to demonstrate the true value of this area and the reasons why the development of heavy industry here is such a bad idea. Unfortunately, developers rarely want to hear anything that will threaten their development … things like biodiversity, unique ecosystems, tourism, fisheries and other resource related industries are often of no consideration even though they may approach an economic value of a billion dollars annually. It’s really strange that even economics cannot slow the mindless development of some industry sectors. And what is even stranger, the politicians and regulatory folks often don’t seem to be able to base their decisions on good sense.

Anyway, I have been sorting through some papers and ran across the testimony I gave to a FERC hearing on the proposed Calais LNG terminal far up the St. Croix estuary. I think this presentation still applies to any proposed heavy industry in the Quoddy Area and speaks to the reasons why this area should be protected by a well crafted Marine Protected Area.

Only one proposal remains ,,, Downeast LNG at Robbinston.

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